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Client Testimonial

We are so grateful for this concierge client’s testimonial: “Since signing up for Dr. Deb Carlin’s concierge service last month my life has really improved. Many areas of my life were headed in the wrong direction and it had a lot to do with my perspective and lack of clarity. Dr. Deb helped me find clarity

Might I be a fraud?

Oh my gosh. I had felt the desire to develop The Relationship Mastery Series because I have had so many people coming to me for private counsel about their despair within their intimate and family relations. I couldn’t keep pace with the request for my time doing house calls and office visits. Events that are

He called it Connectivity

But he said it with an emphasis on the first syllable that gave it a sound that reminded me of something electrical — yea! I came to think about it and realized the beauty inside of that because indeed the best connections we can ever have in this life are the ones with the spark.

It is never too late…

Several days ago, Strati Georgopoulos who is an Executive Search & Research I Entrepreneur posted an article in LinkedIn which really grabbed at my attention–both mind and heart. He entitled it “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO BE WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN”. So very kind, smart, loving, and timely. Especially in today’s social climate, it is

The Joy of Flexting

Yea, what’s that about?!? Flexting is a word I just invented this evening and it is the art and fun of using texting on the phone to flirt it up with someone. This is not sexting, this is truly romance and flirt time. And come one now, this is February and we all know that

So much to do — is there ever enough time?

Age old question, not confined to today’s fast paced life we live in. It is a matter of getting the mind organized with tasks and priorities. And then………..there is something else. The something else is our desires and passions for doing what it is that we believe is ours to do in this lifetime. Each

The Fusion Radio Hour

Good news happens and dreams do come true. It is vital to believe in this. I live by this as a guide and a foundational paradigm. I’ve had a vision of being on this particular channel for a very long time–97.1 FM And starting on Sunday, January 8th, I will be there. I will

The Struggles Within

There is no such thing as a life that doesn’t know angst, sadness, and despair. These experiences are part of the human condition and every bit of this portion of our journey is an opportunity to learn something new and behave in a manner that takes us to an uplifted place. The reality about our

The reality of the struggle

Really, just one struggle? Shouldn’t it be about the multiple struggles that we each have? There is so much that we have to deal with — the delivery of life on a daily basis gets to be a bit much. Right? As we are now amidst the end-of-year holiday season, plus the darker days of winter,