The Architecture of Your Mind

In Build the Strength Within, I draw an analogy wherein I Blueprinted what all is necessary for one to build their life healthfully. I’ve been reviewing the program recently and realize the value ever more deeply each time I do this exercise. I am taken to the memory of an old classic movie, which I

Love is the Answer…to Everything

The question is not whether we have love in our life — we do. Love is forever around us and within us and it is a magical component of life that never disappears but we often fail in seeing it. Love is what makes life worth taking the next breath, combined with our unending hope

Work Life Balance

…that’s what they call it these days but there has always been some element of this that has felt insincere, much the way that quality time versus length of time does. If we have 5 minutes with the ones we adore, it will be a good 5 minutes but that is not a substitute for

The Magic Formula

….for what to do and how to do it is actually within you, within your immediate grasp and all it takes is your awareness. Today is your day, it is a very good day, a really really good day. Today you are being unconditional about how you love yourself and about how it is that

Brain Power

Most important every day — grab a slice a slice of life, PIE will feed you reliably. It is the acronym for our company, Partners In Excellence, and it does indeed represent our attitude about life. We need to allow ourselves to be inspired, the be prolific, to be alive and thriving. Think about the

Why We Care….

As Kelli and I are sitting here in the warmth of her home, we are talking about this wonderful new alignment we have with one another, not so new really because we have been studying together and honing our professional skills for months and spending time studying and talking about how best to use what

On the life path…..

There comes a moment in time when you realize that you have created a beautiful existance for yourself and it is time to enjoy it all but something lands on your path and everything changes. Illness of your own self or a loved one, a death, a career shift, stock market catastrophe, friends who disappoint,

Trust in…….

The word conjures up thoughts and feelings across a range of experiences. This is a simple reality. We have all had the experience of feeling confident in a relationship–be it about love or friendship, family, or business — and then having something occur that breaks the trust. I use the term breaks instead of stating

Life Is 99% Psychology

“Unless we attend to people and the needs they have, we are bound to have diminished results.” There is no business that operates without the engagement of the people needed to make each aspect of it happen, regardless of the industry, size, age, or location. Even the most innocent ventures suffer if they lack this
It is distressing to tune into the news of the day, isn’t it? But if we don’t we feel somehow out of touch with what’s actually going on in the world. Silly or sensible? Kinda off the mark, actually. We cannot forget all of the good things, the really truly great things that take place