The art of deception

When people speak of deception, it is most often in the context of what is taking place with someone outside ourselves. We look at the deceptive practices of lying and manipulating done by others. We see the other as deceptive and we label their behavior as evil or hurtful. We get frustrated with the belief

Why people recoil

We’ve all had the experience of feeling drawn to another and then having them disappear, evaporate, just sink away from us….and then we wonder. Was it my breath? Something I said? What did I do to push them away from me? Relax. Sometimes this is a function of the person being drawn elsewhere, and other

Are you frightened?

Are you frightened? Of what? Of life? It happens to us all, but if you feel this emotional state constantly it will exhaust you. When people express feeling anxious or in a panic, fear is certainly at the core. The question is always about discovering what the center of the fear is based upon.

Life is here for us….

People ask me how I stay so happy and healthy. I love this question and always say thank you.  I live in gratitude for these moments–I embrace them knowing how precious they truly are. I place my hands together in deep appreciation for my life and for this moment.  I am as happy and healthy
I write as I am inspired by songs, as I have my music in play to comfort me and guide me in my thoughts and lead me to my tears. I listen so I can allow my mind to travel directed, allowing me less cerebral space, more room for my heart to feel…..just simply feel

St Louis Homes Magazine

Check out this article about my home and history in St. Louis Homes Mag:

Yogalates 2 Fun

Yogalates was a blast this past weekend! Here are some of the highlights. Thank you to everyone who shared this experience with us. And be sure to stay tuned for future events.    

Is your life huge?

There is only one answer. Yes. Life is huge for each one of us; we walk daily into terrain that is filled with question marks. We work to arrange predictable because there is an innate desire to contain how much unpredictable creeps in. There is no way to stop it, contain it, or shift it.

Life shifts

There are an endless array of things that take place within a single day for us. Boil it down further and dissect it and the truth is that things shift within a glance, a beat of our heart, a thought. We often proclaim that we don’t like change but the fact is that we experience

The Story We Walk Into

Everybody has their pain. what’s yours? Nothing? Something? Are you looking at it or are you looking away from it? What you hold as your perspective and  how you interact with it in your mind is the story of how your life will turn out. This is a big deal for each one of us