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Whether the topic is:

Diversity, Work Life Balance, Wellness, or Stress,

Dr. Carlin delivers a message of hope with tangible plans of action for getting healthy and being productive.

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Lifelong Entrepreneur
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Dr. Deb Carlin, MS, PhD is a human behavior expert, professional speaker, and award winning author who has spent more than 20 years working with individuals, companies, and communities who want to become more tangibly productive in their business and personal relationships. Her articles have been read in hundreds of publications and she is the author of the recently released Build the Strength Within alongside a dozen other titles. This latest book is the recipient of an impressive list of awards and nomination from Forward Review, Publishers Weekly, and Amazon 5 Stars.

What Mind Games Are You Playing Inside That Head Of Yours & What’s the Impact?

America’s Top Expert on Mental Well-Being, Kindness, & Positive Self Talk Can Guide You and Your Group To Becoming Your Best Self -- In Any Circumstance.


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Dr. Carlin’s most requested programs focus on the content from her book -- Build the Strength Within wherein she introduces a series of 11 self-assessments and plans of action to guide you into a place of courage and healthy confidence. Her message and program are about hope, results, and being healthy in face of stress.

Presentations are customized to meet the needs of the customer so that the goals desires are met.

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