Professional Consulting

Dr. Deb. Carlin’s Partners In Excellence LLC performs strategic business consulting for organizations across the country. We are in the business of helping individuals become successful. No organization can be truly successful unless the people within it are healthy – mind and body.

An organization's success is contingent upon the performance of its workforce. We focus on two human factors:  attitudes and perceptions, and use these to develop company wellness programs to mutually benefit the business and its employees. Wellness is not just a passing trend, it is the core of total well-being that is necessary for short and long term functional ability.  Wellness is as much about state of mind as it is about the body.  We dedicate attention to both with the organizational mission in mind.

Work With Us

Regardless of the industry or the mission, any group can be highly effective. We offer clients a sensible plan to help them be highly functional. We know our work will affect every portion of an organization and each of the members working within it; we do our work with consideration for the intended and unintended outcomes, and do so with great respect.

We want our clients to be totally satisfied and highly successful, they are.

We offer our clients an Assurance Program Plan; the terminology is new, the concept is not.

Clients expect results. We track our activities and the results of our work to provide tangible feedback about progress which is how we get a 100% success rate. We guarantee the agreed upon outcomes with our customers and we always deliver what we promise. We hold out a percentage of our fee in a good faith effort to show evidence that we are dedicated to the outcome of a project.

Our business consultations are strategic and involve three main steps designed to improve company wellness.

Organizational Assessment

One of the initial steps in just about every business consulting project is an organizational assessment. We value our client's perceptions about their organizations. Our role is to provide context for those perceptions by complementing them with an objective assessment of the organization.

The assessment phase involves taking a critical look at the organizational structure, job descriptions, policies, procedures, strategic plans, business plans, and doing lots of listening to employees, and often members of the Board of Directors.

Just like in medicine, the diagnostic phase is the most critical to determining the correct remedy. Most importantly, each phase of this process is done in close collaboration with the primary client, with their permission, and with the goal of always helping them to be confident about each step we take.


Process Development and Implementation

We take a very creative approach to helping groups develop their strategy. We don't sit down and write them for the client, we motivate, prompt, guide and offer our expertise to have employees involved in creating what will be a living document that will guide their work and help them reach the goals of the organization.

Too often business strategies and plans are large volumes of words that no one quite understands, so they sit in a binder on a shelf gathering dust. This is not how a group achieves excellence. Excellence grows out of clear direction and plans that are filled with passion for the organization, and a vision that there is a desire to make tangible.



You won’t know if you have reached your goals unless you take a look.

To begin a project without knowing what your starting point is means you'll never be able to measure how far you have come once you begin to work. We like to know what our efforts produced, it's an integral component of our best practices methodology and is very motivational.

There is a definite science to the process of evaluation. We begin with the end in mind and set goals based upon the outcome of an initial assessment.

Working closely with our clients, we negotiate the most productive methods by which each portion of a project is to be evaluated. We find that blending qualitative and quantitative methods gives us and our clients a wealth of rich information which we can then utilize to focus upon performance and outcome issues.

By monitoring the progress in a project, we can determine if we need to make adjustments within the project itself as we proceed forward. We can also gauge the success of the project while we are in it and use that data to keep the audience motivated with the work we are doing.

Dr. Deb. Carlin’s Partners In Excellence LLC has provided professional consulting services for individuals and organizations across to country to improve performance, productivity and moral to create the most successful work environment possible. Our team of professionals works with clients based on their individual needs and desired outcomes to customize a plan for success. Specializing in conflict management and executive and leadership coaching, and offering individualized business training programs we have the experience to get the job done right.

If you are interested in setting up a professional consultation or scheduling training contact Partners In Excellence LLC today.