Completely Confidential, Flexible and Customized to You

If your comfort level, life status, lifestyle, or employment position do not allow you to seek out traditional psychology services in a crowded therapy office, this is a concierge service for what some call life coaching, is for you.

Our Concierge Service provides on-call, in-home and mobile engagement allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home, office, or other location of your choice while being guided into becoming the best you that you can be.

Why concierge?

Dr Carlin has succeeded in taking excellent care of her clients in times of high stress, absolute peril, and life transition. To this point, those who have retained her for those intensive journeys are people who have the financial wherewithal to pay for such private care and guidance. Although she will forever allow time and space for those crisis conditions, it is her desire to make her service and time available to more people in a position of need. This new division within Partners In Excellence and Build the Strength Within opens the door for anyone who qualifies to become a member in her network of care.

How it works

1. direct access to me via my mobile phone number for talk or text;

2. direct private e-mail;

3. house calls;

4. no insurance trail, no insurance work;

5. and 24/7/365 access

The details of how we proceed include us having weekly dialogue and meeting frequently until we have things appropriately assessed and have a plan of action that we are enacting reasonably. WE map out a schedule for the remainder of 2017, knowing it may shift but giving us an open game plan.

Get Started Today...

 (If you are invested in your well-being, please
call Dr Deb Carlin at 314 727 0213 to have a conversation about this works and discover
if it is viable for you at this point in your life.

If you have already spoken with Dr. Carlin
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