When you decide that 2017 is your New Year, you might actually be at the point of understanding that resolutions alone just simply don't get you where you want to land.

You need a way to revitalize your relationships and empower your family to build the best version of you and experience the family & relationships you have always dreamed you would be creating. And each one of us does indeed have a vision of what we had hoped to create, we want you to tap into that.

Come to this engaging and life-empowering event to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to build upon your current strengths and expand your capabilities for the benefit of every relationship you have. Whether at work or at home it's the ambiance of the place that impacts your mind and your heart. Ambiance includes not only the physical environment but it is also the energy that you feel there. You know the experience of feeling the tension, the happiness, the ways in which you become inspired and motivated or the manner in which you become saddened, defeated, and angry.

When it comes to relationships, whether at work or at home, we crave feeling safe and competent, calm and respected. This experience does not just happen, it exists as a direct result of mindfulness, communication style, nonverbal behavior, attitudes, and overt actions. In our Mastery Series, you learn these points of awareness and learn the skills necessary to create the situation that is healthy, genuine, and so very productively comfortable.

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Registration Event Rate:  $75.00

Event Dates

We will be holding this event several times during 2017 and will open registration each quarter. For a full listing of our offerings, please see our events page.

Relationship Mastery Series - Autumn 2017
September 30 2017 10:00am - 1:00pm
October 7  2017 10:00am - 1:00pm
October 14 2017 10:00am - 1:00pm

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Included With This Event

  • 3 Books
    Build the Strength Within by Dr Deb Carlin
    Intimate Strangers by Lilian Rubin
    Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte
  • Journaling Packet
  • Gifts & Discounts from our Sponsors
  • Partners In Excellence - 1 year Membership
  • Other Gifts & Give-Aways provided by our Sponsors

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We have a way for you to sponsorship gift their attendance. It is a true act of kindness to do so.

We consider sponsorship gifting of another to be an important component of how you build a better version of yourself by Giving the Gift of Love.  Through this sponsorship gifting program, you are not only strengthening your relationship with them, you are also empowering them to improve their own life & relationships.


1 ticket:  $75.00