When we want love in our life

Love makes the world go around–we’ve all heard the songs and the sonnets, recited the poetry, and felt the inspiration of love letters. We each crave love–deep love that is intimate, sustainable and healthy. We want romance, friendship and the physicality that comes from a meaningful connection. Love is, without a doubt, the most powerful experience
When we enter a new relationship we carry along with us the rich history that has been our life and that has shaped our story. We come complete with a perspective that influences not only our every thought and feeling but each breath. We get lost in the vast space that is our mind, wandering
I love this man, he is truly brilliant and has a place in my heart, always. We were taking a walk in the park, something I love to do with him in particular. He was telling me all of his great ideas about the business we are engaged into unfolding. He is big and tall

Who was Wayne Dyer?

He was a man who taught us that life needs to be embraced and cherished. His message was complete in that he spoke out feely about the ALL of what we need to do and grab hold of in order to be effective in living. He encouraged us to reach for the best. He encouraged us to

Life delivers, we receive.

My work is focused upon studying the human condition and measuring the impact of how we deal with what life delivers alongside attending to the role of intention, free will, and behavioral reactions. It’s all fascinating–all of the time. What is troublesome however is that we cannot know what lies ahead. The next steps can
Whether you are talking about social media, speaking gigs, or wanting love in your life [in the way of romance or friendships], it all comes down to the issue of connection and that means engagement. If you don’t get it, you are sitting there all by yourself. We long for connection to others, for others to hear

Finding your courage

In the Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion is eager to go on the journey with Dorothy so the magical Wizard can install courage in him. The story is a classic and most of us have watched it repeatedly throughout our childhood. However, it appears to me that the fairytale message is not understood by all of us.

Did you get hurt in the heart?

I recently posted a rather innocent question on Facebook and have been taken aback a the great responses it elicited. It is good to know how much people care and to also know that people are reading. However, that same post also got people guessing, with great confidence, about who my person was that I

Your Authentic Self–Now

We have all had the experience of feeling like we just met with a person who we thought we knew, but somehow the encounter left us feeling like we just met with a stranger. Its an awful experience. We feel confused, sad, and even angry. The person who was there was not being their authentic

The Speed of Trust

The issue of trust haunts every human on the planet. It is a part of our being that leads naturally into a zone of wondering if we are actually okay. Did I do it right? Do they like me? We all suffer. The topic of trust is far more emotional, more about the heart and