Nothing happens without faith

The work I do as a psychologist has sometimes made me question my faith in God. This is not to claim that I question my own investment in our Creator, but rather prompts me to wonder if I am doing what is intended in terms of goodness and being on the right track. There are

Love and accountability: my own story

Even when we get on top of our game and feel the goodness of who we are, it is a challenge to retain that energy, focus and commitment. Life is an ebb and flow of feeling happy and then sad, giving and then selfish, full and then empty. In our most authentic inner voice, we

The next breath

There are days when I open my eyes and feel an ache in my gut that takes my breath before I can even express my gratitude for the day. This is the feeling of grief that comes from the experience of sadness. We each take turns with this experience, for one reason or another. To

Why your history actually matters

I’ve not been an avid television viewer, mostly I like Oprah’s Soulful Sundays, a movie now and again, and the old time programs that take me back to my childhood like The Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched, and I love Lucy. I am swept back decades as I am in the embrace of mommy and daddy

What you wish for right now

It is December, the holiday season and every one of us has wishes in our heart for something that we crave to happen or to own. This is a magical time of year and we want, we simply want. It’s not tough to make to things happen. We need to be quietly contemplative and secure in

Love is always present for us

Love is forever present, it is all around us. We merely need to be open to it and believe that it is there, that it is good and we that we can touch it. And yet, somehow, we seem to move all around it. We flirt and play and fall deep and enjoy it, and then

When we want love in our life

Love makes the world go around–we’ve all heard the songs and the sonnets, recited the poetry, and felt the inspiration of love letters. We each crave love–deep love that is intimate, sustainable and healthy. We want romance, friendship and the physicality that comes from a meaningful connection. Love is, without a doubt, the most powerful experience
When we enter a new relationship we carry along with us the rich history that has been our life and that has shaped our story. We come complete with a perspective that influences not only our every thought and feeling but each breath. We get lost in the vast space that is our mind, wandering
I love this man, he is truly brilliant and has a place in my heart, always. We were taking a walk in the park, something I love to do with him in particular. He was telling me all of his great ideas about the business we are engaged into unfolding. He is big and tall

Who was Wayne Dyer?

He was a man who taught us that life needs to be embraced and cherished. His message was complete in that he spoke out feely about the ALL of what we need to do and grab hold of in order to be effective in living. He encouraged us to reach for the best. He encouraged us to