Attitudes and Latitudes

Attitudes are a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Latitude is about the scope for freedom of action as well as thought. Put the two of them together and we have a potential for a winning formula in this life. How? Our
It occurs to me how stressful this life experience is for us, every day presents hassles and challenges, yes? And yet, in the midst of each one, it is how we receive those presents that makes the most important impact upon us–mind, body, and soul. I have a deep awareness of just how bent out
The truth is that no matter why people call me in for help, it always come back to the core of where their heart is. Even if it is a corporate gig about employee satisfaction or performance, we end up in discussion about the happiness factor and how healthy the populus is. The conversation then

BSW YogaLates Event – May 19

YogaLates:  Learning to Build the Strength Within & Live It Happily There is a mistaken notion in the wellness industry that a focus on one aspect of the human being leads to well-being. Not true. It is when we are truly wholistic in perspective and practice that we become the best version of ourselves. YogaLates
I’ve wanted to walk the El Camino for decades now. I have a vision of what is a blessed journey into a rural area of France and Spain that has rich history and cultural depth beyond what we can possibly understand here in the USA. We are so new.   Miriam Ward is a very

Client Testimonial

We are so grateful for this concierge client’s testimonial: “Since signing up for Dr. Deb Carlin’s concierge service last month my life has really improved. Many areas of my life were headed in the wrong direction and it had a lot to do with my perspective and lack of clarity. Dr. Deb helped me find clarity

Might I be a fraud?

Oh my gosh. I had felt the desire to develop The Relationship Mastery Series because I have had so many people coming to me for private counsel about their despair within their intimate and family relations. I couldn’t keep pace with the request for my time doing house calls and office visits. Events that are

WHY a Concierge Service

Why in the world would I offer my services in a concierge model? Simple. People wait until they are in a panic and feeling deep despair for a long period and then someone finally nudges them in my direction. I’m grateful but — it takes so much time and energy to turn a sinking ship

He called it Connectivity

But he said it with an emphasis on the first syllable that gave it a sound that reminded me of something electrical — yea! I came to think about it and realized the beauty inside of that because indeed the best connections we can ever have in this life are the ones with the spark.